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New features to enhance guest satisfaction!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Whenever I perform, it's always a fun challenge to read the room and adapt my music to the people and vibes in the Venue, however, requests are always appreciated to inspire me and assure the guests are happy.

I now bring along a chalkboard where guests can write down their requests, this way, guests don't need to wait around, and no songs are forgotten! Whilst they are up there they are welcome to take a sticker or card.

If events have required setlists, I simply bring the board along as I have noticed that it is a great way to make guests aware of who's playing and as a little extra decoration to add to the performance.

The board has had a few test runs already, and guests really seem to love it and appreciate it! I'm excited to expand my horizons in regards to decorations and novelties to offer as an extra service with my performances!!

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