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My Residency in Tenerife

My Residency at the TUI Sensatori Tenerife in 2017 was the first residency I had and my first time performing abroad.

It opened my eyes to the possibilities my music allowed and opened doors I never thought possible.

I played 6 days a week for 9 months, alongside incredible pianists and members of the show-cast (who would accompany me with acoustic versions of their favorite songs)

This challenged me and developed me as a performer as I had only ever performed as a solo artist.

I spent my first month working from morning till night, learning song after song, building a repertoire that allowed me to entertain every single guest that could’ve walked into the piano bar.

This required me to learn to read a room. Whether the crowd were looking for upbeat party classics to dance to or just relaxing background music, I had the perfect songs and vibe for the occasion.

This residency will always hold a special place in my heart as I had to work so hard and learned skills and tricks that are useful to this day. This season was the start of my career as an artist and a performer.

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